I was born in Newcastle, and landed where we are now in Hertfordshire by way of Bristol, Newport, Bristol again, Aberystwyth and Aylesbury.  Verity and I have three children, we host house-gigs in our front room, we love making food, foraging, dreaming stuff up and noodling about on beaches and some element of creativity is there in everything we do.  My inspirations are many, but a big influence is being out in nature, where I feel most alive, especially if there are amazing clouds to watch, the sound of waves, or edible stuff to find in the hedgerows.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I’ve been walking - making pictures is one of my great loves.  An inkpot or two, a Gillott 303 nib and a couple of brushes are my tools of choice, and I still get a real buzz from seeing a blank page begin to tell a story.