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One Breath 2_edited.jpg

This series is based on a contemplation on the simple, but extraordinary act of breathing.


In Western culture it often feels like the individual is given prominence, but our ability to live is only possible through interdependent relationships - forests produce oxygen and enable us to live - we breathe out carbon dioxide that enables the forests to live. The search for meaning, for affirmation of our being here, often takes us in many directions outside of ourselves, but it feels to me like in that simple act of breathing, we are in receipt of an incredible gift - all of life says Yes to our being in that gift of breath, and we receive it without even trying. And in return, we say Yes in return, our breathe a gift for the sustenance of the trees. Meaning and affirmation is present in our every moment.

Prints of the 12 drawings are available here.

Click on any of the images below to view in detail.

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