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Drawings rooted in the wild. Ocean stones, tangled places, encounters, meditations. Reconnecting with the world that we are in, and that is in us. Drawings calling us home.


Over the past three years, a need to begin creating work that explores my sense of wonder and relationship with the natural world has risen in me. It began with creating mandalas, circular, meditative pieces that used the motif of beach stones that we often find on the coast of North Devon - and through these contemplative pieces a series of whale drawings emerged shortly afterwards, their bodies filled with the night sky. These arrived unbidden - maybe. They brought a symbolism of life and strength at a fragile and uncertain time and I am grateful to them. More recently I collaborated with Azul-Valérie Thomé in making drawings for her visionary story, The Four Sisters of the Last Forest on Earth, a call back to our deepest selves as guardians of the Earth. Follow the links below to galleries of work.


A full gallery encompassing many nature-inspired works from the past three years.


A series of ink drawings invoking strength, tenderness and the interconnectedness of Life.

Stone Mandala V_edited.jpg

Meditative pieces, many inspired by sea-washed stones from the North Devon and Cornwall coast.

Sisters 5

A collaboration with Azul Valérie Thomé - thirteen drawings for her visionary story calling us back into relationship with all of Life.

One Breath 1

A meditation on breath and the relationship of gifts between ourselves and the forests.

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