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This is a collection of nature writings, made over the past three years, inspired by times of tuning into the whispering of the wild, both at home and out in the relative wilds, the hills and woods and rivers.


The Sky Whale

The ebb and flow
of my own breath.

You have come to me
your rock-old skin striated,
your body lit with stars.

Knowing the depths and the dark
and the flood of light
when your summoned strength
propels you for one joyful moment



Bring the fragments into wholeness
you whispered,
through the circled stones;
the meeting of friends
carrying wisdom from the East
through the touch of feet on bare earth.

The split, the hidden,
the painful, the lost,
the bemused and the doubtful,
the weeping and the longing –

Bring them all into wholeness.
And know all that feels broken -
that is broken -
has a home.

Welcome them home.
Know yourself
and loved
and breathed
and dreamed
and welcomed

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